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This traditional 1980’s style home was completely remodeled into a modern contemporary home; it is designed around the owner’s desire for both a comfortable and relaxing space, as well as a showcase for their extensive art collection. The lighting emphasizes the native stone, teak siding and patina copper panels that provide a contemporary counterpoint to the original structure. A reconfigured floor plan takes advantage of the site views and provides spaces for entertaining, as well as private retreats. Special attention was paid to the gallery spaces within the home, to ensure that the lighting provided would be flexible with a high CRI for the displayed artwork. A whole home control system assists in reducing the connected lighting load, as well as dimming lamps for energy conservation. Motorized shades are controlled through integration at the lighting control keypads for ease of use and daylight control.
Tree mounted LED accent fixtures highlight a driftwood sculpture creating depth and shadow with minimal glare and light pollution. A floating soffit above the entry houses downlights creates a warm pool of light at the entryway. Additional downlights graze the garage door accenting the recessed framed by copper paneling.

PHOTOGRAPHY— Steve Mundinger

2013 Winner of the Brilliance Award

2013 Winner of the IES Illumination Design Award

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