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The traditionally styled home is nestled in a small valley with views of Ajax Mountain and Independence Pass. Contemporary Architectural design mixes with traditional millwork and finishes creating a timeless masterpiece. Linear LED’s provide both indirect cove lighting and high output closet lighting, minimizing energy use while maintaining the warmth and function of the spaces. Custom detailing throughout the home creates distinct features allowing the finish choices to shine. Recessed downlights work in conjunction with concealed uplighting to accentuate the architecture and artwork as well as to provide general lighting in the spaces. Custom decorative lighting fixtures bring warmth to the home, working with the many other layers of light to produce cozy living spaces throughout. This approach allowed the decorative fixtures to be stylistically chosen to harmonize with the interior design. The well designed home harmonizes with its environment, taking advantage of all the mountains have to offer.

PHOTOGRAPHY— Steve Mundinger

R&A Electric interior home
R&A Electric interior home
R&A Electric interior home
R&A Electric interior home
R&A Electric home design STAIRCASE
R&A Electric interior home
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R&A Electric interior home
R&A Electric home design
R&A Electric home design - Upscale High End Residential Electrical Examples
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