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The heart of this mountain home is its extensive collection of contemporary artwork. Layers of light create a backdrop allowing the artwork to be the main focus. The simple, elegant lines of the architecture combined with many art locations dictated the use of flexible fixtures with a clean finish. A control system keeps illumination levels under 75% for savings in energy and maintenance costs. The final result is a clean contemporary home, in which the lighting can be easily adjusted for the varied art installations. Sconces and column uplights highlight the exterior architecture of the home. Underwater fixtures uplight the water feature and draw attention to the cascading water to the right. The interior of the home showcases the artwork and architecture in the main space.

PHOTOGRAPHY—Nick Tininenko, Colorado

2008 Winner of the IALD Award
2009 Winner of the International Illumination Design Awards

R&A Electric home design Art Hallway
R&A Electric home design
R&A Electric home design exterior lighting
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R&A Electric home design great room
R&A Electric home design luxury mountain home design
R&A Electric home design
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R&A Electric home design
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