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Electricians near me Glenwood

Since you’re searching “electricians near me Glenwood,’ it’s easy to assume that you could use our help! No matter what you need an electrician for, it’s important to find the right provider who is qualified and will do the highest quality work for you. At R&A Enterprises, we are committed to electrical contracting excellence. We specialize in high-end commercial and residential jobs. R&A Enterprises is a world-class electric contractor, serving Colorado statewide and bringing light, power, and communications to large-scale residential and commercial projects. Call today: 970-945-6500.

Searching for electricians near me Glenwood to keep up with technology? We have your back

At R&A Enterprises, our trusted team of managers has more than 100 years of experience among them, and we continue to expand our knowledge base. We are like an electrical and telecommunications think tank — if you can dream it, we can build or design it. With today’s continually evolving technology, we keep up with it all to ensure our high-end customers get what they want when they call us. You could be considering wiring your home for centralized control of heating, cooling, lighting, shades, and appliances. There are so many options to make your life easier and more comfortable.

It’s an exciting time to be here. Who would have thought just a decade ago that you could create your shopping list, ask about the weather, or set a timer from your thermostat controller? Who would have thought you could check on your home security from your vacation rental or even speak to visitors from your doorbell camera? Back in the ‘80s, having a home wired for room-specific sound systems for communication and radio was considered a luxury. Today, you can tell Alexa to write your to-do list, remember it, and read it back to you. Your refrigerator can keep track of your groceries! You can work out with a mirror on your wall!

Artificial intelligence is growing all of the time, and it is expected to soon be able to anticipate and respond to user needs. It’s called machine learning, but don’t expect to see iRobots anytime soon. With artificial intelligence installed in your home, it could soon learn your home’s “habits” and work to increase your home’s energy efficiency. As an example, if your smart home system is monitoring your appliances for electrical use, the system could modify their use to save on your energy bills. Today, luxury for you may mean all of the above. But you may be considering more, such as connecting your solar panel system to a new electric vehicle charging station in your garage. At R&A Enterprises, we are a certified Tesla installer.

Turn your home into a showplace and upgrade your technology

You can create room aesthetics with specialized lighting or create motion-sensored lighting to save on energy. We can install specialized and motorized shades to help you control the amount of sunlight in your house to heat it up or cool it off. We have had clients do all of the above and design their homes like museums, with specialized lighting highlighting their prized artworks and sculptures. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have discovered the pleasure of working from home. With today’s wireless communications and smart-home innovations, you can meet with your entire team from the luxury of your home office as you snuggle into the warmth and comfort of your home. No more hunting for the maintenance man to complain that the temperature is too cold or too hot. 

Literally, if you can dream it, we can help you achieve it. So when you’re ready, search “for electricians near me Glenwood,” and we can build your dream aesthetic together.

Top 5 reasons why it is important to hire a licensed, qualified, and experienced electrician.

  1. Safety- Electrical work is dangerous and should only be done by a professional.

  2. Peace of Mind- Licensed electricians complete many hours of professional training. They are up-to-date on all the new codes and technology. They know their stuff, and that should help you feel confident that the work is done right.

  3. Protection- Working with a licensed electrician protects your liability because they are insured. If something goes wrong during an electrical repair, you, your family and property are protected.

  4. Accountability- Electricians are required to have an electrical safety certificate. They are regulated by a governing entity and have a high standard of accountability.

  5. Quality Service- When you work with a qualified, licensed, experienced electrician, you can be guaranteed that you will get a supreme quality of work and service. 

There is no need to keep searching for “Electricians near me Glenwood”.

At R&A Enterprises, we can help you with all your electrical needs. R&A Enterprises was established to provide lighting and power supply in Denver and its surrounding areas since its founding in 1990. It is focused on catering to the substantial service department, high-end residential work, or commercial tenant estates. We work on the wiring and programming of lighting control systems, installation of motorized shades, and subcontract work for the oil and gas industry. To assist more clients, our  lines are always open for queries and appointments.

R&A Enterprises services businesses and residential projects

You may be a high-end residential customer, but if you are also a business owner, you can rest assured that our services are transferable. On a daily basis, our team helps wire entirely new buildings, retrofit old buildings, install electric vehicle charging stations, and wire systemwide internet and point-of-sale systems. 

We also are pretty sharp at trouble-shooting. Many of our customers come to us with unique electrical mysteries that we are glad to solve.

We are in your community and ready to serve you!

R&A Enterprises has three locations. One of our locations is in Glenwood. Often, when you’re searching “electricians near me Glenwood”, your result will come up with a lot of electricians who aren’t actually in your city. Our Glenwood address is 5317 CR 154, Suite 201, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. Learn more about our location and contact information on our website contact page

Check out this 5-star review from our valued client Matt

“R&A was able to get a team out and complete all the work well ahead of schedule. The quality of work is excellent and the two electricians that performed the work were kind and happy to answer any questions I had. The team was flexible when an additional request came in.” 

You don’t have to just take our word for it, you can read more of our reviews over on our Facebook page. We were also named in the “Best Electricians in Denver” for 2021 by expertise.com with an A+ reputation rating.

You can count on R & A*Enterprises for all your high-end residential electrical needs, from lighting and motorized shades to electrical upgrades and installation. We are also a certified Tesla installer. R & A Enterprises has offices in the Roaring Fork Valley, Montrose and Denver to service your residential and commercial electrical and lighting needs. Contact us now to talk about how we can best serve you at (970) 945-6500.

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