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High End Residential Subcontractor Glenwood

If you’re searching for a “high end residential subcontractor Glenwood”, you’ve landed in the right place. R & A Enterprises is a world-class electric contractor, serving Colorado statewide bringing light, power, and communications to large-scale residential and commercial projects. According to Realtor.com, the average home value in Glenwood in December 2023 was $899,000. At that price point, there is a certain attentiveness that must be expressed when conducting electrical work. Our clients demand the highest care be taken with their homes. Whether we’re repairing an electrical issue or installing new fixtures, our electricians are equipped with drop clothes, shoe covers, and cleaning supplies to ensure that your home is protected during our visit. We are the best “high end residential subcontractor Glenwood” and we are well-versed in caring for every detail of our client’s home. 

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Why choose R & A Enterprises as your “high end residential subcontractor Glenwood” projects

At R & A Enterprises, we’ve become a leading electrical subcontractor in the high-end residential sector in Glenwood, Montrose, Denver, and beyond. Choosing the right electrical contractor is crucial for the success of your luxurious home project, and here’s why R & A Enterprises stands out:

Tailored excellence

At R & A Enterprises, we understand that high-end residential projects are more than just a job, they are homes where every detail matters. Because of this, we offer custom electrical solutions for each client’s unique needs. Whether it’s custom lighting, state-of-the-art home automation, or increasing energy efficiency systems, we design and install electrical systems that align with your vision for your home with quality and care.

Unmatched expertise

Our team is our greatest asset and it is made up of skilled and experienced electricians. R & A Enterprises was established in 1990 as an electrical subcontracting business to perform commercial, residential, and service work throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. We have a proven track record of keeping our commitments to our clients. Because of our reputation, we are able to attract and retain some of the most qualified people available. Our owners are directly involved in the day-to-day operations of our company. This involvement assures our customers that their project is receiving the direct attention and commitment from upper management that they have come to expect from R & A Enterprises. Our key management team members have a combined total of one hundred years of experience in the construction and electrical industries. As we have grown, we have focused on continuing to add a depth of expertise and experience to our team that will offer our customers the very best of service. Just another reason we take the cake for “high end residential subcontractor Glenwood”.

Commitment to quality and safety 

Quality is not just another buzzword for us but a guiding principle. From the initial design to the final stage of installation, every step of the way is met with an attention to detail that cannot be matched. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and know that safety is at the center of everything we do. We adhere to all the industry regulations and always use best practices to guarantee a safe environment for our workers and valued clients. 

Strong local presence

Having a base in Glenwood Springs gives us first-hand knowledge about our local town as well as the laws, regulations, and area-specific factors that go into each project. Our local knowledge, combined with our electrical expertise is what makes us the top-rated choice for “high end residential subcontractor Glenwood”. We aren’t just another contractor; we are an integral part of the community.

Lasting relationships

For us, every project is the beginning of a lasting relationship. We take pride in our top-notch customer service and we want to create clients for life. We don’t just work on one job and then move on; we want you to think of us for all your electrical needs. Whether it is residential or commercial, we are invested in the long haul.


Our company is financially sound. We have the people, equipment, and systems in place to undertake projects ranging in size from $1,000 to $25 million. Our financial history and proven performance allow us to provide bonds for any project if requested to do so.

Services offered by R & A Enterprises- Your trusted “high end residential subcontractor Glenwood”

At R & A Enterprises, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of electrical services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our high-end residential clients. Our services include:

  • A substantial service department providing 24-hour electrical service repairs in the Roaring Fork Valley serving Aspen, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
  • High end residential work
  • Commercial tenant finishes
  • Wiring and programming of lighting control systems
  • Installation of motorized shades
  • Energy efficient projects with help obtaining energy rebates
  • Subcontract work for the Oil & Gas industry

Currently, both R & A Enterprises of Carbondale and R & A Enterprises of Western Colorado provide electrical subcontracting services throughout the Western Slope Region. In addition to our substantial local service department and our high-end residential subcontract work, our business focus also includes the growing natural gas industry in the Piceance Basin, where we currently subcontract with several large Oil & Gas Services providers. With recent growing interests in going green, we have a team member who is devoted to helping with energy-efficient projects and helping our clients obtain energy rebates for these projects.

Check out some of our 5-star reviews from happy clients.

“The very best in the Roaring Fork Valley. Top quality workmanship, great responsiveness, excellent customer service.” -David

“The city of Glenwood came by to replace our electric meter. When they installed the new meter it didn’t go on right because the housing was so old. They recommended R & A. I called and they came right out to look. We were able to get it done really quick and professionally.” -Jennifer

“R & A was a great asset to have on our project in Summit County. Travis and Omar always came to the table with a team approach via open communication. I am thankful for their help completing a successful project.” -Josh

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R & A Enterprises is your trusted electrical contractors

You can count on R & A Enterprises for all your high-end residential electrical needs, from lighting and motorized shades to electrical upgrades and installation. We are also a certified Tesla installer. R & A Enterprises has offices in the Roaring Fork Valley, Montrose, and Denver to service your residential and commercial electrical and lighting needs. Call us now to talk about how we can best serve you at 970-249-1719.

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