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Commercial Electrician Western Slope

Commercial Electrician Western Slope

We’ve all been there. With more electronic devices than we have existing outlets in our office space, we’re on the hunt for the extension cord. But the need for more juice may tell you it’s time to upgrade your electrical wiring before your accidental spark ignites the next Colorado wildfire. When it’s time to search for “Commercial Electrician Western Slope,” you’ll find R&A Enterprises. We have the experience and the know-how to ensure your workplace’s electrical wiring is ready for today’s electrical load. Call today for a free quote: 970-249-1719 

Call the Commercial Electrician Western Slope professionals for wiring upgrades


The scenario is similar to a homeowner who installs a hot tub but doesn’t have the proper outlet to power it. If your business is in an older building, it may have been built with 60 or 120 amps and a few circuits. Today’s commercial electrical needs, however, can be double that. When you see dimming and experience small outages with equipment shutting off, or breakers often trip and then fail, it is time to think about ‘Colorado electrical contractors.’ It is not time to think about another extension cord. 

Don’t overload your system with the burden of today’s electronic devices

Today’s commercial office needs more amperage than in previous years. Yet you may have gotten a deal on the older building you bought. The electrical needs of your office likely are up to 200 amps to safely power everything from your computers and HVAC to your breakroom appliances. Upgrading or replacing your electrical panel may not cost as much as you think.

You can estimate for yourself just how much amperage — the measure of electrical current flowing through a circuit — you need by adding up the wattage of all your electrical devices, from lighting to appliances. Divide that wattage by the voltage of your system, usually 110 or 220, to get your estimated need. Is your business growing in services or the number of employees? Your electrical needs will grow with them. Think of an electrical panel upgrade as another tool in your box to get your business to the next level.

The R&A Enterprises team has built a reputation on trust

The team at R&A Enterprises to get the job done right and leave our customers satisfied with our work and professionalism.

Our happy customers are a testament to our professionalism, expertise, and quality. This is what five-star reviewer Nadine Hutchins had to say: “Our dental office had all new LED lights installed. R & A Electric did a fantastic job for us!! Reuben was the electrician from R & A Electric that did the installation. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest, and courteous. I have already recommended him to other practices and to friends. The company is based in Montrose, but they service Grand Junction as well which is where we are located. So happy to have found them!”

At R&A Enterprises, our key management team has over 100 years of experience in the construction and electrical industry to service high-end residential and businesses. We cover the Western Slope from bases in Montrose, the central mountains through Glenwood Springs, and the Front Range through our growing Denver office.

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