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R&A Enterprises - Colorado's Best Electrician Company Home Lighting Control Systems Western Slope

Home Lighting Control Systems Western Slope

There is nothing like the brilliance of a well-lit home. If you are in the market for home lighting control systems Western Slope residents have grown to trust, you have come to the right place. R&A Enterprises has specific expertise in home lighting control systems, and we will work with homeowners to innovate as well as illuminate. Call today for a free quote: 970-249-1719. 

Light up your home when you search for “Home Lighting Control Systems Western Slope”

Whole home lighting control is as much about energy efficiency as it is about aesthetics. The experts at RA Electric will help you carefully plan out your lighting schemes — whether to showcase your modern and contemporary art collection or to illuminate your many outdoor living features.  When you install home lighting control systems, Western slope neighbors will be in awe of the results.  You can be the talk of the neighborhood, while also knowing you’ve done yourself a huge favor in the energy savings department. 

How do lighting controls save you energy, you ask?

Lighting controls consist of dimmers, LEDs, motion, occupancy, and photo sensors, and timers. According to the Department of Energy, using these features in conjunction with each other, will save on your energy bill by controlling the amount of electricity your home uses:

  • Dimmers help you save on the service life of some of your light bulbs, and create energy savings when lights are used at a reduced level.
  • Motion Sensors turn lights on and off with motion.
  • Occupancy sensors turn lights on automatically when someone enters a room; they’ll also turn lights off when there is no more activity in the room. They do this by sensing sound, heat, and motion within a room.
  • Timers light rooms based on your program and automate indoor and outdoor lighting.

 Try these lighting design ideas from the Department of Energy.

 You can see from R&A Enterprises’ gallery that our lighting projects are highly individualized and created with quality and beauty in mind for your whole home. You will love the flexibility and affordability of having more control over your home’s lighting schedule to pair with the seasons and the day’s light.

R&A welcomes new customers to light up their high-end homes and properties

When you are in the market for Home Lighting Control Systems Western Slope CO area homeowners are talking about, look no further than the experts you can trust at R & A Electric. Our customers often leave us great reviews, like this one from Josh Brasseal: “R&A was a great asset to have on our project in Summit County. Travis and Omar always came to the table with a team approach via open communication. I am thankful for their help completing a successful project.

You can count on R & A Enterprises for all your high-end residential electrical needs, from lighting and motorized shades to electrical upgrades and installations. We are also a certified Tesla installer.

RA Enterprises has offices in the Roaring Fork Valley, Montrose, and Denver to service your residential and commercial electrical and lighting needs.

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