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Eagle County High End Electrical Services

In Eagle County high end electrical services will most certainly be on your list of needs. When you spruce up your home, tighten up your energy efficiency or simply add new lighting designs and schemes, it will demand intricate electrical work. R&A Enterprises offers the highest quality electrical services for your high-end home. Call today.

According to these recent trends in luxury living, there’s a lot of amazing work you could do with your homes. Though you may not be in the market for $110,000 lighted staircase or a $40,000 specialty lighting piece, R&A Enterprises has the skill and know-how for your most delicate or complex electrical needs.

Harmonize your living space with the best in Eagle County High End Electrical Services

We specialize in motorized shades, whole home lighting control and energy efficient lighting. What’s more, our lighting schemes bring functionality and warmth to your home with layers of lights to produce cozy living spaces. Our approach allows homeowners to harmonize their decorative fixtures with their living spaces. See our gallery of projects for a taste of the best Eagle County high end electrical services in R & A Enterprises.

You can count on our special care of your high-end home

Eagle County has one of the highest median incomes in Colorado, and residents take good care of their high-end homes. With the average home valued at almost $600,000, you want nothing but the best in your home contractor. At R&A Enterprises, we understand our clients demand the highest care be taken with their homes. That is why our electricians use drop clothes, shoe covers and clean up after themselves to ensure your home is protected during our visit.  Call today to kick-start your home lighting adventure.

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