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Electrical contractors near me

When you are in need of amping up your lighting scheme, one search for “Electrical Contractors Near Me” will help your home light up the night because you found the electrical team at R&A Enterprises. We are committed to electrical contracting excellence and brightening your world. We have offices in Denver, Glenwood Springs, and Montrose. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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Searching for “electrical contractors near me?” R&A Enterprises will brighten your world

You have seen those homes dotting the hillsides in the mountains. It is okay to admit you have admired them from afar as they lit up the night sky. Those distant lighting schemes are to die for – and they are on your bucket list. But now, you have one of those homes and it is time for you to be the trendsetter. Our professional team at R&A Enterprises will delight you with our design services to help light your home up like you could never imagine. Whether you search for “electrical contractors near me” or “electrical contractors near me residential,” you will find R&A Enterprises, which offers an electrical experience that is second to none. Read this informative article on home lighting and design trends to get started on your next project. Whether it is by the room or the whole home, we will be there every step of the way.

As one of the best electrical contractors nearby, we also upgrade homes

In addition to creating beautiful lighting inside and outside of your home, our team of trusted electrical professionals also helps high-end residential homeowners with motorized shades and whole-home lighting control, the services you have come to demand to keep your home up to date. When you begin your search for electrical contractors near me, you know that R&A Enterprises will help you achieve a combination of luxury and technological advances that not only beautify the home but help a home become more energy efficient. With today’s technology, you will be able to control your shades at the touch of a button. You also can program those shades to rise and fall on the sun’s schedule. This helps maximize the amount of lighting — and heat —  you get from nature, while also giving you the convenience and ease of turning your home into a sustainable fortress.

If you are working on upgrading your property, not only will lighting and shades bring your property into the future, but so will electrical upgrades and installation. We will upgrade you to whole-home control from one central location. There, you can ensure your home performs to your specifications on your timetable. And, as a certified Tesla installer, we will install your EV charging station to ensure your home is sufficiently upgraded with the latest in modern technology. 

We specialize in high-end residential electrical work

R&A Enterprises has been serving the Roaring Fork Valley into Denver for 30 years. Like many local businesses, we started out small in Glenwood Springs. We grew through the years as our customers helped fuel our reputation for quality high-end residential work. Our clients start with a simple search for “electrical contractors near me” or “electrical contractors near me residential.” Many leave us five-star reviews that make us proud, such as these: 

Rick and Scott were so great. Brainstorming, coming up with best solutions, staying with it through a challenging situation, being very fair on price. Thank y’all!” — Bari Campbell

“Rick and his team are GREAT! They are always prompt and attentive. The work they do is superior. I have used them several times and will continue to work with them on all my home improvements.” — Blanca Hernandez

Need more reasons to choose R&A Enterprises?

Here are the seven key reasons why it’s a great idea to hire a top-notch electrical contractor like R&A Enterprises to handle the wiring of high-end residential properties, bringing out their beauty and increasing their overall value:

  1. Exquisite Custom Lighting Designs: When you choose a skilled electrical contractor specializing in high-end homes, you’ll be treated to an amazing array of custom lighting options. These experts you find when you search “electrical contractors near me” know how to artfully place lights to showcase your property’s unique features and artwork, creating a jaw-dropping visual experience that truly stands out.
  2. Embrace the Future with Smart Technology: Imagine controlling your lighting, blinds, security, and more, all from your smartphone or with voice commands. Electrical contractors can seamlessly integrate smart technology into your home, giving you that touch of modern luxury that sets your property apart.
  3. Savings through Energy Efficiency: Going green is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. With the right electrical contractor, you can explore energy-efficient lighting fixtures, automated dimmers, and motion sensors that help you cut down on energy costs while maintaining a luxurious atmosphere.
  4. Tailored Blinds and Shading Solutions: Nothing complements a high-end home like custom-designed blinds and shades. With an expert’s touch, you can enjoy motorized blinds that adjust to your liking, controlling natural light and privacy with precision, and adding that perfect finishing touch to your spaces.
  5. Safety is a Priority: Peace of mind comes when you know your electrical work is done right and in compliance with all safety standards. Hiring a reputable electrical contractor ensures that your property is not only stunning but also safe for you and your loved ones.
  6. Boost Your Property’s Value: Investing in top-quality electrical work and smart technology can work wonders for your property’s value. The allure of a well-wired, modern home with advanced lighting and smart features can captivate potential buyers and may even justify a premium price.
  7. Professional Project Management: The last thing you need is a messy electrical project. But with a seasoned electrical contractor like R&A Enterprises, you can trust their expert project management skills. They’ll work seamlessly with other professionals, like interior designers and architects, to make sure everything blends perfectly, leaving you with a breathtaking end result.

Choosing R&A Enterprises to handle your high-end property’s electrical needs is more than a smart move; it’s a step towards transforming your home into an enchanting, efficient, and valuable sanctuary.

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You can count on R & A Enterprises for all your high-end residential electrical needs, from lighting and motorized shades to electrical upgrades and installation. We are also a certified Tesla installer. R & A Enterprises has offices in the Roaring Fork Valley, Montrose, and Denver to service your residential and commercial electrical and lighting needs.

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