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When you are searching the web for electrical services Montrose CO, you need to know you are getting the right electricians. R&A Enterprises has the solutions to whatever electrical problem you are hoping to fix. Our expert electrical team has extensive knowledge when it comes to any electrical services your business or home needs to finalize in order to be running smoothly. We pride ourselves on over 100 years of excellent service.

Try the electrical services Montrose CO residents trust

No matter the electrical repair, installation, or contracting task, we are there to service the people of Montrose County. With a population of over 19,000, we consider this community our family. We take pride in the county, with its outdoor recreation that services more than 4,000 visitors annually and is home to roughly 17,000 households. If you are like many in Montrose, your home is your castle, and you take pride in keeping it in tip-top shape, from the decorations and design to the maintenance and upkeep. But upgrades are something you’re looking into now. You’re probably saying to yourself, “What do I get my spouse when we have everything we need?” Technology has provided a great answer for your high-end home. Technology will allow you to bring the Internet of Things to your home, so everything in your home can be under one central control center. Just do a quick search for “electrical services Montrose CO.”

Imagine coming home to the lights on or dimmed per your personal preferences schedule. What if your window shades were programmed to rise and lower with the movement of the sun to allow more natural light or warmth into the home? Thinking about buying an electric vehicle? You’ll need a charging station. How about being able to check on your home’s security while you are thousands of miles away? What if your  home’s art collection were lit up like museum pieces to give your home that extra flair? Have you decided to work from home? You’ll need to install and wire your office to ensure you can easily reach your staff via remote conferencing and high-volume web traffic. With any of the above, you’ll need to find the electrical services Montrose CO residents trust.

Upgrade your high-end home with the best electricians in Montrose

If you can dream it, we can do it. R&A Enterprises is full of qualified, up-to-date and trained electricians to help bring your high-end home to an elite status. Our team can install the proper wiring in your home to ensure it is ready for anything you need. Check out our photo gallery to get an idea of how we can help you redesign your home with lighting fixtures. If you are looking into upgrading your home lighting scheme, there are many ways to do so, such as taking advantage of natural lighting, sculpture, and minimalist lighting, even layered lighting, which involves a mixture of natural and ambient light. We specialize in brightening your life from the inside out. We also are adept and skilled at installing a whole home control system to reduce your electricity load and motion-activated lighting so you can save on your energy consumption. Our team won a 2013 Brilliance Award by redesigning inside and outside lighting when we upgraded a traditional 1980s-style home into a modern, contemporary home in which the owner could display an extensive art collection. We are a two-time winner of the International Illumination Design Award for a lighting redesign of a home, an award that highlighted a collection of contemporary art work and lighting on the interior structure to help illuminate the home’s amazing outdoor features such as a cascading waterfall.

Our 24-hour service department is there for you, no matter if the climate control in your house stops working or you need special outdoor lighting in place before the first snowfall. Trust us to help you with all the electronic services you need to feel safe. The list of our electrical contractor services offered is endless. We are there to service our community and get the job done timely and efficiently.

Electrical Contractors

When it comes to reliable technicians, what do you need? Consider this: our mission is to hire not only knowledgeable electricians but ones you can trust. We make sure all our technicians have an abundance of experience and a great customer service rapport. Since 1990, we’ve been providing exceptional electrical work for both residential, commercial, and corporate clientele. No matter the size of the project, you can trust that our electrical services in Montrose, Glenwood, Denver and the surrounding areas are high quality. Whatever the project, count on us to get the job done right.

Electrical Services

The projects you need accomplished are important to keeping your daily life functional. So know that we have technicians who are ready to help a multitude of electrical needs. We are there from the installation of whatever you need and our 24-hour service department is there for any repair you didn’t foresee. We know our clients demand the highest level of care for their electrical needs. Whether we are repairing an electrical issue with your lighting control system or installing your first furnace, we take extreme care to make sure our work lasts a lifetime.

Whether it is installing to make sure those Colorado winters are enjoyable in your home after the slopes or we come in the spring to install Lutron Motorized Shades to cool down your home in the hot summer months, we are there until the job is done to perfection. R&A electric takes pride in keeping that high standard of electronic control no matter the client or their electrical needs.

Are you a business owner? We have a team in place to handle all of your electrical needs. Whether you are starting up a new storefront, refurbishing an old building into a hip new brewery, or just upgrading your parking lot with EV chargers, our experienced electricians at R&A Enterprises have the training and skills to take care of all of your business wiring needs. We also have helped many customers whose electrical systems have shorted or whose outside wiring has been damaged. We’ve wired big box retail, new hotels and remodels, tenant finishes, restaurants, and more. Add our expert lighting design services to the mix, and you will have a stunning atmosphere for your customers. You can trust in how we provide electrical services Montrose CO business owners laud.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have formed with our clients. We make sure our connections withstand the test of time and make you feel comfortable that you are not wasting your time. So put your faith in us. As we continue to grow, we add only the best experienced workers to our team. This allows us to manage our projects with top professionalism. This also adds those personal touches we know that the Montrose CO community values. We will help you achieve any residential or commercial electric needs in a timely and attentive manner. Now you can stop searching for “electrical service Montrose CO” and, instead, check out our reviews.

Whether you are in Montrose, Denver, Glenwood, or the surrounding areas, let us help with your commercial electrician needs. We offer 24-hour electrical service calls. Trust us to help you with all your electrical necessities. Call us today: (970)249-1719.

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