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High-End Electrical Near Me Denver

Every year, simple energy-efficient lighting and motorized shade systems save nearly 10 billion kilowatts of energy. For those who are keeping track, that’s the equivalent of taking 1.5 million cars off the road or 16 million barrels of oil off the market. If you’re searching for your optimal home energy savings, do a Google search for ‘High-End Electrical Near Me Denver’ to find R & A Enterprises. Our certified Lutron installers will be right there to serve your needs. Go to RA Electric.com to see all of our residential electrical services.

Searching ‘High-End Electrical Near Me Denver’ will open up home energy efficiency

 At R & A Enterprises, we use Lutron products for whole-home lighting control and motorized shades to help you make your home energy-efficient and beautiful. Check out our gallery to realize the added ambiance great lighting can make at your high-end home.

 Lutron products contain multiple energy savings, according to this article. In short, installing light dimmers and motorized shades have multiple benefits, including:

  • All Lutron Dimmers save energy and extend bulb life.
  • When dimmed, all light sources use less energy.
  • Shading systems ‘harvest’ daylight and reduce the load on HVAC systems.

 Using whole-house dimming systems is seen as a great way to save energy because they reduce our home’s demand for electricity. According to Lutron.com, the on/off switches installed in homes drain the same amount of power regardless of the time of day.  “Through dimming, users can control the quantity of light their fixtures provide to fit specific tasks, moods, or situations,” Lutron.com reports.

 As well, if you use motorized shades in tandem with light-dimming systems, the systems  “create the perfect balance between the two sources of light to save energy and create an inviting environment,” Lutron reports. “…Together they save energy while providing the right amount of light for specific tasks or situations.”

 Some studies show that a residential dimmer can save more than $7 a year in energy costs when lights are dimmed just 20 percent; if lights are dimmed 50%, homeowners can save $30 a year in energy costs. Such systems alone can pay for themselves in two years. R & A Enterprises also installs Litetouch and Crestron systems. But not all dimming systems are alike. This “Dimming Basics” explanation can help familiarize you with your choices.

Let R & A Enterprises set your home up for whole-home smart control

 Installing one or both – light dimmers and motorized shades – also is a great way to integrate other smart systems into your home control. Our team can work with you on all your high-end home’s electrical needs.  The professional installers at R & A Enterprises keep up on the latest trends and perform the top-of-the-line work you’ve come to expect as a high-end homeowner. As an example, R&A also is a certified Tesla installer. That means we can install a Tesla powerwall in your home. When the power goes out, your Tesla powerwall will keep the electricity running.

 R & A Enterprises has been operating for more than 25 years on the Western Slope and the Front Range. Based in Glenwood Springs, we also have offices in Montrose and Denver. Give us a call for all your electrical needs; we also offer 24-hour emergency service.

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