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Lutron Installer Denver

If you’re thinking about a new lighting scheme in your home, know that it comes with some ancillary benefits other than creating a mood. You can also save energy and increase your home’s resale value. By searching “Lutron Installer Denver,” you’ll find R&A Enterprises, your local lighting and shade expert installers. Call today: 303-653-7232.

Find the Lutron Installer Denver high-end residents can count on

 When you work with R & A Enterprises, you can count on total home lighting and shade control that will not only regulate the lighting in your home but also reduce your energy bills. And it’s never a bad idea to increase your home’s “wow” factor with automated systems through which you can control your home’s lighting, shades, and power needs with one universal keypad.

 By now, your research has demonstrated that Lutron electronics is a trusted manufacturer of home lighting, shades, and small appliance solutions. Lutron systems can control as little as one room to your entire home at the touch of a button. At R&A, our installers understand this and have the training necessary to ensure your Lutron system is working perfectly. 

Use whole-home control to reduce your home’s energy loads

 According to Lutron, their home control systems can save you costly energy bills. As an example, dimming your lights by as little as 25 percent can save up to 20 percent of your electricity use for an annual savings of $17. Using the lighting systems in conjunction with occupancy/vacancy sensors with remote shades can further reduce your electricity needs. The plug-in appliance module will reduce non-lighting loads, keeping your appliances such as electronics, computers, and televisions from drawing power when they’re turned off. The standby power drain can be up to 10 percent of a home’s total power use, according to Lutron.

 At R & A Enterprise, we only work with product manufacturers we can trust and whose products we’ll stand behind. We pride ourselves on the beauty and simplicity we can bring to your high-end home through our creativity and design. We tailor our lighting projects to our clients’ needs while they also bring an energy-efficient solution to your lifestyle.  Check out our project gallery to see some of our award-winning home lighting and shade projects.

 Our team’s exceptional work is not lost on our customers, many who give us five-star reviews, such as Blanca Hernandez:

 “Rick and his team are GREAT! They are always prompt and attentive. The work they do is superior. I have used them several times and will continue to work with them on all my home improvements.”

 R &A Enterprises has been installing lighting and shade systems in Denver and Rocky Mountain high-end homes for more than two decades. You can trust our growing team of professionals to install the most functional and practical lighting and shade solutions when you search “Lutron Installer Denver.”

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