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Residential and Commercial Electrician

Residential and Commercial Electrician

Are you wondering about the difference between a residential and commercial electrician? Can commercial electricians do residential electrical work and vice versa? To answer these questions, let’s define each and find out the differences and similarities between them.

Defining Both Residential and Commercial Electricians

The simple description for residential electricians is that they work on single residential houses while commercial electricians work with larger-scale projects. Understanding both types needs a deeper dive on three factors: equipment used; technical skills needed; and compliance and regulations followed.

Equipment Used

Residential electricians use simpler tools and equipment. They usually work with single-phase systems with lower voltage ranges. Commercial electricians, on the other hand, usually work with a three-phase system and carry a higher voltage range. This also means they use different materials and tools. Commercial electricians require heavy-duty equipment to service a bigger scale project. 

Technical Skills Requirements

Residential and commercial electricians begin with the same training. Commercial electricians need more skills to work with complex systems and also need a deeper technical understanding of the equipment used in a larger-scale project. For electricians, it is a matter of specializing in these complex systems and heavy-duty equipment that makes a commercial electrician different from a residential electrician.

Compliance and Regulations

Commercial buildings with their complex systems are required to follow stricter rules and regulations. With this, commercial electricians are required to know and adhere to these regulations. Residential electricians also work with some regulations but they are less complicated and compliance is easier to do.

There are still many factors that distinguish a residential electrician from a commercial electrician. If you are looking for professionals to work with your electrical requirements, you should first know these basic differences. 

R&A Enterprises is ready to help you with your electrical subcontracting needs. We cater to both residential and commercial electrical projects with our experts ready to serve you. All you need to do is contact us for your electrical subcontracting requirements and we’ll assist you immediately.

R&A Enterprises is a world-class electric contractor, serving Colorado statewide bringing light, power and communications to large-scale residential and commercial projects. Our electrical subcontracting services include high-end residential work, commercial tenant finishes, wiring and programming of lighting control systems, installation of motorized shades, energy-efficient projects with help obtaining energy rebates, subcontract work for the Oil & Gas industry and 24-hour electrical service repairs. Learn more about us here.

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