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R&A Electric - 35 Ute Residence Aspen Colorado - Who Is The Best Denver Electrician?

Who is the Best Denver Electrician?

You’ve made the majestic Rocky Mountains your home. You’ve got the luxurious hillside residence of your fantasies. You’ve even achieved your goal of owning a ski-town hotel. Since you’ve already done all the hard work of making your dreams a reality, it’s time to stop working overtime finding an electrician to handle it all. Who is the best Denver electrician? R & A Enterprises is here to put your mind at rest.

R & A Enterprises – the premier Denver electrician

It takes an electrical expert to know one. Among our management team, we have a combined 100 years of experience! Because our reputation precedes us, we consistently gather the most qualified team of electricians around. R & A Enterprises unites the vast knowledge of a large company with the personal touch of a local business.

6 ways to find out who is the best Denver electrician

1. Availability

When an electrical issue arises outside of business hours, we are there for you. R & A Enterprises provides 24-hour service to Denver, available to you simply by calling 303-653-7232. If your after-hours electrical need is an emergency, you need the best emergency electrician Denver has to offer. We have a special phone number dedicated to crises: 970-945-3555.

2. Services Offered

Among the premier electricians Denver has to offer, we boast an extraordinary array of electrical services. From entire home dimming systems controlled by your iPad to Lutron motorized shades to subcontracting for oil and gas companies to new constructions to commercial tenant finishes, we do it all expertly.

3. Awards

The Denver area authority on electrical services, R & A Enterprises has completed numerous award-winning projects. One of our mountain residences was the 2014 winner of the Cooper Source Awards and the 2014 IES Illumination Design Award. One of our Aspen modern contemporary homes was the 2013 winner of the IES Illumination Design Award and the 2013 Brilliance Award. We are also a certified Tesla installer, and Expertise.com named us among their “Best Electricians in Denver.”

4. Green Focus

Who is the best Denver electrician? We believe that the best electrical professionals take the best care of our beautiful Colorado environment. R & A Enterprises averages over 40 energy-efficient projects each year. Gavin Boucher is the specialist for our green projects. He also assists clients in obtaining energy rebates. Contact him directly at 970-945-6500 or gboucher@raelectric.com. Check out our website to learn more about our energy-efficient projects.

5. Client Trust

You can often tell the quality of a company by observing the trust level of its clientele. In our case, we have been honored to serve such high-level corporations as Qwest and Level 3 Communications. We also routinely work in upscale residences, and we treat their homes with meticulous care. All home visits involve drop cloths, shoe covers, and cleaning supplies. 

6. Referrals

When it comes to finding the best electricians nearby, we depend on word of mouth. Since our past clients are happy with our work, we can easily provide references upon request. You can also check out our Google reviews, like this 5-star review from Blanca Hernandez: 

“Rick and his team are GREAT! They are always prompt and attentive. The work they do is superior. I have used them several times and will continue to work with them on all my home improvements.”

Are you ready to work with the Denver authority on all things electrical? Since R & A Enterprises expertly manages both $1000 projects and $25 million projects, we are confident that we can provide your electrical solution. Use our quick and easy contact form or call our Montrose Office at 970-249-1719, our Roaring Fork Valley office at 970-945-6500, or our Denver office at 303-653-7232.

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